What we do

The under-developed area of Africa, where half of the population is youth, is home to the world’s poorest people and least prosperous countries. Conditions here make it hard to escape poverty and avoid all education and environment problems.

Empowering youth is a big part of what we do. This includes giving youth access to basic knowledge about education and environment , instilling in them confidence that they can change their daily life by developing a positive attitude, and building them into engaged citizens of their communities as well as giving them new solutions to avoid unemployment.

Others objective are:

-organizing campaigns promoting the protection of environment in villages and all schools of the area

-sensitizing villagers to send their children to school especially girls, who in this area are often denied access to education and forced into early marriages

-helping villagers to increase their crops from their farm with advice and mentorship given by agriculture engineers in our organization.

-organizing health campaigns to help young girls with knowledge on family planning and how to protect themselves against AIDS and Hepatitis

-We teach youth of that area on leadership, civism, management and especially to avoid radicalism and extremist Islamism though our expert on that domain.

-teaching youth about civic leadership and management, and especially how to avoid radicalism and extremist Islamism

-helping women to carry out income-generating activities in that part of the country where people live on less than $5 per day.

-promoting eco-tourism

-organizing campaigns promoting the protection of environment

What we focus on

Our program focuses on five key areas: the departments of youth service, health, environment, agriculture and eco-tourism.

Why those five?

They're all interconnected and essential in achieving the big goal: helping to break the cycle of poor education and the poor knowledge on the importance of our environment.