What does agriculture services?

  • Provide skills in rice production and some crops
  • Organize seminars on crop planting
  • Provide skills on how to cultivate and increase harvest without chemicalsfertilizers
  • Look for new techniques to increase crop production

As mentioned in the previous department, our organization is focused on the first 6th Sustainable Development Goals. We train youth especially (SDG 3, 4) women and girls (SDG5 ) by using local material and also digital technology to as many people as possible without distinction of financial ability in the poorest area with higher unemployment rate of youth (SDG 1), malnutrition, severe drought (SDG 2), difficult access to water and sanitation (SDG 6) at their convenience with good taste, taking into account their traditional culture, respecting the environment problem and improving daily life through job creation and farm sustainability (SDG 4). Despite traditional farming methods consuming most of the resources, and catastrophes such as droughts and chemical contaminations raising the price of edible produce new technics and methods in agro-business is a viable solution. Those technics allow plant to grow three times faster without soil in a nutrient medium while using 95% less water without pesticides (SDG 6) . By the end of the century, the African population will double, reaching 4.2 billion of people or 25% of the global population (UNICEF). This population increase will leave less land for agriculture and potable water. Our training in different systems allows growing in urban and rural areas and exponentially multiplying yields by saving about 90% of water rare resource in those areas and reducing the carbon footprint by 20%. These technics will help youth, women and girls (SDG 5) to launch their businesses and succeed by providing to consumers with these technics to grow and produce in their own home to bridge the gap between food deserts and farms. This, directly attack the cause by converting expensive, highly perishable products into inexpensive, non-perishable seed pods as recurring revenue model that could be manufactured for minimal cost.