What does the eco-tourism service do?

  • Promote tourism activities inside the country
  • Organize touristic trips
  • Promote youth activities out of the country
  • Look for volunteers

We look for tourists to come and visit our beautiful nature – our natural parks and incredible view. We also promote the culture of the northern region of the country and fight against poachers. The main aim of our department is to save and protect the African elephant.

The African elephant belongs to the most threatened mammals in Central Africa and in Northern Cameroon and Chad in particular. Both of these neighboring regions house merely less than 1000 bush elephants each. The herds are targeted primarily for the ivory by poachers. Also the so called Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) over resources is a threat. Where elephants and people share the environment, agricultural land is often used as a source of food by the elephants. This sometimes causes huge damage for the local farmers, who in turn become enemies of the wildlife species and collaborate with poachers.

Our department gets solutions to solve that matter through our especial project – elephant and the population. In southern Chad, only a few kilometers from the Cameroon border, we identified the small-scale farmers in most need of protection of their land, and trained them in bee hive construction. Next we helped them to erect the bee hive fencing and taught them how to collect honey. Since 2015 we have built over 200 of these hives. The elephants, as multiple eyewitnesses confirm, avoid fields with bee hives around. Crop is saved for the farmers, they additionally gain honey, a valuable source of nutrition or income, and the elephants are saved from furious attacks by the villagers. Thus poachers’ business becomes more and more challenging in this environment where local farmers do not consider elephants as pests.

We focus on extending our project to different regions of Chad and Cameroon by training the local communities especially in Yagoua division where elephants cause damage to the population. We also use media to publish our videos and encourage beekeeping in general. Action for Youth and Environment, Save-Elephants and A.L.C.P are very engaged in saving our elephants and improving upon the life of the population.

We also organize special trips in Cameroon to visit the wonderful Waza park with its natural contents and beautiful nature. You can see some of these in our Picture page. Money gained through eco-tourism serves to help the population of that area.