What does the youth service?

Youth service is committed to:

  • Providing assistance which promotes and supports youth in under-developed areas
  • respecting value and self-worth of each individually
  • teaching youth from nursery school till high school about sustainable energy, protection of wild life and the promotion of eco-tourism
  • Sensitizing and organizing seminars, excursions, and internships to promote the protection of the environment
  • Identifying and engaging high risk youth in ongoing projects
  • Conducting youth outreach
  • Preparing a public education campaign
  • Involving future leaders
  • Providing new skills

Our attention through our different initiatives is focused on spaces, such as border regions and marginalized areas, where youth are particularly vulnerable to recruitment by extremist groups due to many challenges. The Sahel Sahara Border Region, the Lake Chad Basin and the Horn of Africa are prime examples of border regions that have experienced marginalization and significant neglect due to the absence of effective state control, which led to the spread of violent extremist networks. This is frequently concentrated in rural and marginalized areas with the higher percentage rate unemployment and poverty. Therefore, understanding the interplay between poverty and basic level of education, social exclusion and hinterland neglect, and how these features in youth extremism, poverty, unemployment rate and bad community economic development plan in border regions and marginalized areas remains the prime objective of the organization. We seek to identify and explore successful deradicalization and counter radicalization strategies with local communities that will arrest this societal vice in a sustainable way. We are conscious this, need a comprehensive and multidimensional approach that factors in cross border and international cooperation.

Fight against violence against girls
The association energizes youth especially women and girls to drive development of their communities through business skills, science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. The team proposes to train marginalized, unskilled women and girls from the local communities of the region in STEAM.
We reduce stigma and create a more inclusive community for people living with HIV (PLHIV).
Educate population on types of violence, dispelling HIV myths, and GBV statisticsPromote use of family planning techniques, condom usage, and other reproductive resources.