The big issues:

How does education impact poverty?

How does poverty impact environment?

How does environment impact eco-tourism?

Does a lack of education cause poverty and so poor preservation of our environment, or does poverty create a lack of access to education to build our environment? Also, can limited information about environment impact eco-tourism?

Causes and effects can be difficult to pin down. In reality, all of these challenges are intertwined. Providing Education and saving the environment are huge challenges that can be overwhelming. Problems of education can plunge people into poverty or extremism, or keep them from being aware of environmental problems. Also those in poverty are more likely to suffer disease and difficulties in sending children to school.

That’s why we focus on improving access to education for youth!

Action for youth and environment is the leading community action agency sensitizing youth, promoting environmental education from nursery school to high school, and promoting peace through its services in the northern part of the Cameroon. We are an association promoting the education of youth especially girls in the northern part of our country, then we implement the promotion of sustainable energy for the protection of our environment.

We seek to

- Promote the education of youth especially girls form nursery, through primary and secondary, to high school, in the most under-developed area of the Cameroon – the Far North Region of the country

- Fight deforestation in this same region, where we have 9 months of dry season, and just three months of the rainy season, by planting thousands of trees in each village

- Protect the environment through promoting sustainable energy and eco-tourism, and fighting poachers (especially those after our elephants)

- Promote health service

We help to change the lives of the poor by offering them water pumps and sewing machines, planting trees to repel desertification, and facilitating empowerment programs that build leadership and confidence. By supporting us, you are investing for a better future of new generations which will keep our nature safe.

Your donation will directly support youth service projects, health service projects, environmental projects, eco-tourism projects, agriculture service projects and sustainable energy service projects. It will develop their ability to make decisions, solve problems, think creatively, communicate efficiently, and eradicate the ideology of extremism and care about their communities.

AYE's mission are to contribute to the community economy development of communities by reaching the first 6 sustainable development goals (SDGs). We create favorable conditions for youth through leadership education and training. The organization is Promoting sustainable development activities through training both in terms of management and education plan. The organization is equipping youth in addressing their respective community's social and security issues. We are creating a regional platform for women and young girls to showcase their local products and services, promote collaboration across various sectors and facilitate settling down start-up at the end of the training. This is helping employment sectors which reduce the higher percentage rate of unemployed youth in the region. We are raising awareness on the potential of the agri-business in spurring development and inspiring and empower girls and women in the advancement and encouragement of going to underrepresented in the country. Finally, we are Raising awareness on the potential of youth especially women and girls concerning STEM in the society and to acceptance and inclusion across their respective communities. In general, our current programs are focused on:

1. Education
2. environment
3. business and entrepreneurship
4. Agriculture. Eco-tourism.
5.Counter-violence and extremism
6. Peace building
7.Community economy development.