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(In charge of Eco-Tourism Department)

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After graduating from Ngaoundéré University with a Master’s in Science and Technology (2016) and working as production manager of Agri-invest Group Ltd., Daliwa Joseph created this association to help the youth of his fatherland. He is passionate about improving the daily life of young Cameroonians and their potential, especially girls who face many challenges throughout the region. After his Mandela Washington Fellowship and Internship with USDA, Joseph seeks to create his own company to collaborate with local farmers, while further increasing the positive impact of the activities of this association.



Arthur is a conservationist and activist from Czech Republic who, since his graduation from the Department of Biology in Charles University in Prague (2012) has travelled and worked in Central Africa. Arthur is the coordinator of the NGO Save-Elephants which leads or supports multiple initiatives for elephant and wildlife protection in the region. Their activities involve a group of international volunteers and local collaborators who seek to document illegal wildlife trade and find solutions to the human-wildlife conflict

Nkouam Francine

General Secretary

Nkouam Francine is currently in her third year as a PhD student at the University of Ngaoundéré. After her Master’s Degree at the faculty of Science in the Chemistry department, she started working with AYE, focusing on the environment. Since her research is based on the impact of pollution on our environment, she leads efforts to use sustainable energy to solve the problem of desertification in the far north and address pollution related to climate change. She also helps villagers through her department to apply new techniques and avoid the use of chemical fertilizers on their crops.

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MELINGA Steve Romaric

Assistant to the General Secretary
(Youth Empowerment Coordinator)

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MELINGA Steve Romaric teaches Computer Engineering in High Schools and Advanced Teacher's Training College for Technical Education. He is also a web developer at Media Pro Cameroon. For the last two years he has been supporting the campaign “I am AFOAKOM a citizen actor of sustainable development”, inspired by the Citizen's Agenda 21. He is a member of the YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) Network where he has been awarded several certificates on Leadership, Focus on, Civic Leadership, and Business & Entrepreneurship.



(+237) 693714263 / 675499027

Bouba is a senior technician in Management Information Systems, as well as a security engineer and network administrator. He started his professional career in 2013 at AGRI-INVEST, a Private Limited Company whose main objective is to develop local production and encourage the development of rice-growing. In this undertaking, he held the position of Head of the Production Unit, Chief of Operations, and Regional Director for the North Region.


Assistant Accountant
(Responsible for civic youth)

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SUELEMOU WANTOUANG Israel is a PhD student in Language Sciences with the option Discourse Analysis. He is a manager in charge of Cooperation in ASA-Cameroon. He also the Regional Coordinator of the ICG "Grace Promotion Woman". Israel works too as a peer educator in reproductive health and STD Prevention. He is also a UN’s SDG-Ambassador, and an active member of the association " Jeunesse Camerounaise Active pour la Rectitude Morale" (JECAREM).


Responsible of External Relations
(Girls Empowerment Coordinator)

Irene Kanwa is currently a PhD student at the University of Yaounde-Soa. After her Master’s at the faculty of Economics, she started working with AYE, in charge of relationships. She teaches banking and finance, and is charged to advise and follow up girls in rural areas during our trainings.

Solange NGANE

Assistant of Dr LAKOA

Solange Ngane is a 2013 alumni of the School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences of the University of The Gambia. She is committed to reducing maternal and neonatal mortality, advocating to responsible reproductive health and empowering the girl child through education in Cameroon. As a general practitioner with over three years of experience in assessing, monitoring, and analyzing public health programs within international, non-Governmental, and humanitarian organizations. Until recently, she worked with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in partnership with the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health, where she coordinated the training and supervision of over 56 Clinical Mentors and reported on the outcomes in maternal and newborn care (MNH) as part of the government's drive to reduce neonatal and maternal mortality in the East and Center Regions. Solange worked as a Medical-Officer with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Suisse during the humanitarian crisis following the Boko Haram insurgency, providing emergency medical and nutritional aid to the refugees and internally displaced persons, and with the Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) on a humanitarian development project. In addition, her commitment to highlight the issues faced by young populations, particularly the girl child, was seen in her extensive research work where she co-authored the paper Sexual Harassment in Urban Secondary Schools in The Gambia. Solange is using the experiences she gained during the Mandela Washington Fellowship to improve on an initiative she is developing on a referral system that will match expectant mothers with skilled birth attendants in the East region of Cameroon, and help reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in Cameroon.


Responsible for Health Department

Rodrigue LAKOA MINYA is a civil servant working under the ministry of Public Health. He holds a Medicinae Doctorate (M.D) degree, obtained in 2011 at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Yaounde I. He also has training in basic epidemiology from the Cameroon Field Epidemiology Training Program. Over the last six years he has been working as the distict officer in the Nguelemendouka and Ndelele districts in the East Region of Cameroon. Rodrigue is committed to addressing the issue of infant and maternal mortality. After completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative at the prestigious Ohio State University, he is currently working on the use of fingerprint recognition systems to track end record vaccines in order to improve immunization coverage and thus reduce the occurrence of vaccine-preventable diseases. In collaboration with WFP, WHO, UNICEF and AHA, he also ensures the reception, follow up, and frequent evaluation of the health status and food supply of the Central African refugees in his area of work.


Responsible of Civic Leadership

Bertrand BETSETO BOBETO has a strong background in communication and culture and is committed to the preservation of native languages. This commitment moved him to be the Communication Secretary of Ajesdo (an association for the promotion of the Dowayo culture), a position he has held for the past three years. He holds a Master’s in Public Law and Political Science. After his Mandela Washington Fellowship on public management in Washington, he decided to help empower the youth of his country